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Thale Sonnemans Founder & Creative Director

Undertaking a business internship at a creative production company was not a choice my university was happy with, but it turned out to be the industry I was most passionate about. After completing this internship, studying in San Francisco for six months and writing my final paper on brand positioning for a new health retreat, I moved to Amsterdam to work at Halal Film & Photography.
As junior producer, I worked on the production of several photography and film projects. However, while I did find the creative side of the business interesting, after a short while I realised I wanted a more entrepreneurial role and made a switch to become the right hand of one of Halal’s managing directors. For two years I supported on anything from sales tasks to management decisions - the best schooling I ever had - but introducing me to bitcoin and the blockchain technology, must have been one of the less tactical moves my boss made. Why?After two years I decided to turn everything I had learned into an adventure for myself, first helping a small Dutch team create a social crypto exchange before joining forces with two like-minded entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the employment industry. Enter Hiway.
Taking on the role of creative director for this new company combines my love for the creative side of business with the management knowledge gathered at Halal and the entrepreneurial atmosphere found in the blockchain industry.
Building the Hiway brand is my main responsibility, something you will recognise in overall communication, any visual choices, the way we run our community, but also in the way my two business partners and I develop the company.
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Atlas.work ICO 5 min overview ($WORK)

Hey guys, here is a quick overview of Atlas.work ICO ($WORK). The project isn't getting much attention yet but it does have a pretty solid white paper.
This is not financial advice, do your due diligence before investing. And mind the scammers: they are particularly active in the field of ICOs.
Note that Atlas.work ($WORK) and WorkCoin ($WRK) are different projects. It seems that WorkCoin is trying to steal Atlas.work's idea, c.f. https://twitter.com/AtlasWorkCoin/status/968209697017917447
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A Bitcoin Blockchain Transaction Visualization + Sonification EPISODE 1 Bitcoin - The Visual Autobiography - all about ... BitCoin Transaction Visualization Blockchain 3D and VR Explorer & The Bitcoin Pizza Transaction Bitcoin Transactions Visualization (ProgressBar @ BielaNoc 2016)

Dr. Jonathan Reichental is an award-winning technology leader. In 2013, he was recognized as one of the 25 doers, dreamers, and drivers in government in America. Blockchain is the buzzword in the tech world. Invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto for use in the cryptocurrency bitcoin, as its public transaction ledger. Given the buzz around blockchain and the rapidly increasing value of Bitcoin, it is important to decipher the concept of Blockchain. For all those wondering what is Blockchain, well it […] In this video, Jonathan Reichental offers an overview of blockchain, its genesis in bitcoin, its structure, and how the technology might be leveraged to distribute value. Bitcoin is mostly anonymous. User can own more bitcoin addresses that are not connected with names, addresses or any personal information. But… Transparent …bitcoin stores data about every transaction that ever happened inside the network and it stores that data into blockchain. The main difference between fiat money and bitcoin is that money is not created by government regulation or law, but generated by a competitive and decentralized process called mining, and that all transactions are stored publicly in a common ledger called the blockchain. *Bitcoin Traces* draws an infographic data-visualization of a transaction ...

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A Bitcoin Blockchain Transaction Visualization + Sonification "chains" at ZKM (2016)

Blockchain 3D and VR Explorer & The Bitcoin Pizza Transaction - Duration: ... Bitcoin GitHub History Visualization - Multiple Projects (Jan 2015) - Duration: 5:52. Coding In My Sleep 6,946 views ... A Bitcoin Blockchain Transaction Visualization + Sonification "chains" at ZKM (2016) - Duration: 3:01. daito manabe 6,593 views. 3:01. Front Sight Focus - How To Instantly Shoot Like a Navy SEAL ... Jack Ma interview: Blockchain technology, AI, Crypto, Bitcoin BTC Halving 2020 Zineb koutten 11,178 watching Live now How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained - Duration: 6:00. This is like my very, very, very, first earliest draft effort at making a real-time 3d visualization of the bitcoin blockchain over time. The finished versio... A demo of the Blockchain 3D VR Explorer application examining the bitcoin "pizza" transaction. The application allows open-source, multi-platform visualizations of bitcoin transactions in 3D and VR.