One Of Main Reasons To Own Gold — Cyber Attacks: Marc Faber

MARC FABER: STORM HASN'T HIT YET, BTC $4,000, GOLD ... Dr. Doom Marc Faber Chooses- Bitcoin or Gold ... Marc Faber Calls Bitcoin Marc Faber: Pandemic predictions for gold, silver, stocks ... Marc Faber on The Income Generation  March 22, 2020 - YouTube

But for Faber there’s another key reason gold hasn’t been able to soar. “World speculators are more involved in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies than in precious metals…it shows the precious metals are rather controlled by so-called strong hands,” he said. “The public is kind of disinterested in precious metals. Another former Bitcoin skeptic has added his name to the list of “Bitcoin converts.” Thai-based stock market investor Marc Faber revealed in an interview with Cash that he had bought Bitcoins “for the first time 10 days ago” so that he could learn more about the young but evolving crypto ecosystem. Marc Faber may not be revered for his views on racial equality. But when it comes to investing, he’s up there with Warren Buffet — as far as successful track records go. Unlike the other aging investor who dismisses Bitcoin as a ‘rat poison squared,’ Faber finally bought his first chunk of the world’s number one cryptocurrency. Marc Faber said markets in Asia is far cheaper than the US, and if we just do a comparison of US markets with the rest of the world, it is at the highest level ever. Apr 25, 2017 03:56 PM IST “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have one advantage. If a person has 100 kg of gold, moving it can every difficult. But, with bitcoin, you can buy it in China, liquidate in [another country.] That might be the reason why cryptocurrencies have performed so well,” Faber said.

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