Co je to Bitcoin a spousty dalších informací

I've been sharing conspiracies on reddit longer than this sub has been around. I have a story to tell.

This story is mostly crafted from my own experiences, my conversations with some of the people involved, and the rest is my own guesswork as I try to fill in the bear with me!
That's why I wanted to share with this community, which I've watched grow over the years. I remember posting about the death of Barry Jennings (who witnessed explosions in the WTC on 9/11) the day after it happened. This was before /conspiracy (or right around when it was formed), and I remember thinking "we really need a sub for conspiracies on reddit!"
And here we are, 12 years later and over 1.3 million subscribers...incredible!
My story starts with a young man. We'll call him Andrew.
Andrew grew up in the 90's in a coastal US town and quickly blossomed into a tech whiz at a young age.
He began building his own computers, and after a brief stint using Windows, he decided that Bill Gates was everything wrong with technology (and the world), and he made it his mission to make sure folks like Gates were NOT the future of computers.
He really believed that the use of technology was a fundamental human right, and that charging people for "proprietary" OS's that hid their source code was a violation of these rights.
He saw a possible Deus Ex-like future, with a technocracy literally around the corner if we didn't act now.
Andrew soon joined the Free Software Foundation and began rubbing elbows with the likes of Richard Stallman. He begun exclusively using GNU/Linux and was the type to correct you if you called it just "Linux". He also began visiting tech-savvy forums like slashdot and started networking in earnest.
By 2006 (his senior year of high school) Andrew was completely over his "education" and decided to just drop out completely.
Shockingly, a college accepted him anyway. A small East Coast school had been actively courting Andrew, and when they learned he had failed to get his HS diploma, they accepted him anyway!
Now sometime during this period Andrew went to Iceland and stayed in Reykjavik for several months.
This trip may have happened during the summer, fall, or early winter of 2006. The reason for his trip had something to do with his efforts in the FSF or similar group. The possible significance of this trip will become clear as we go on.
What is clear is that Andrew started college in the fall of 2006, and that the circumstances were unusual. Andrew soon met several like-minded individuals and began building a social and technological network at his school.
Two individuals in particular would become key players in his life (one more prominently in this story, but the other was significant as well), and eventually the 3 would live together in town for several years.
But for now let's stick with Andrew.
Andrew had an idea to build a social network for his college. Except, it wasn't just a network, it was a wiki for information about the school...and beyond. Soon, it began to morph into something much bigger in Andrew's mind.
He saw his project as being one of many data "hubs" for leaks of important documents and otherwise sensitive information.
So yeah, he saw the opportunity for a wiki for leaks (see where this is going yet...?).
As his ambitions grew, his behavior started to become increasingly erratic. He was caught with drugs and arrested. Strangely, the charges were pretty much dropped and he was given a slap on the wrist. Eventually he decided to leave the school, but still lived in town and had access to the servers on campus.
By 2010 Andrew was still living in the small town with his two "hacker" buddies, who were still enrolled at the school.
This house was in some ways legendary. It appears that many "interesting" people spent time at or visited the residence. Indeed, some of the early movers and shakers of /conspiracy itself passed through.
There was usually a full NO2 tank for anyone who was into that kinda thing, and they were stocked with every hallucinogen and research chemical known to man.
It was also likely under surveillance by multiple intelligence agencies (NSA/Mossad/etc).
Over time, the mental state of Andrew was slowly starting to deteriorate, which wasn't helped by his abuse of drugs.
Still, Andrew decided to move his base of operations to Europe, spending time in Belgium, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.
One of his housemates was soon to join him on his adventures in Europe and elsewhere abroad. We'll call him "Aaron."
Aaron had a very similar story and upbringing as Andrew. Aaron was also from a coastal US town and was born into privilege. He was also, supposedly, born into a family with some serious connections to intelligence agencies, including an uncle with ties to the NSA, and both parents connected to military brass.
By 2015, Andrew and Aaron were living together in the Czech Republic. During this time they were working directly and/or indirectly for the NSA (via Cisco and other companies).
You see, the "college" they met at was actually a front for the recruitment of kids into the IC. Apparently, many "schools" in the US function that way. Go figure.
Their intelligence and valuable skill set (hacking etc) made them valuable assets. They were also possibly involved with the distribution of certain "research chemicals" (of the 2C* variety) to dignitaries and their entourages (in one example, they provided 2CB to a group with David Cameron).
In addition, Andrew was allegedly involved with, or stumbled upon, an NSA-linked surveillance project directed at the entire country of Malaysia, while Aaron was involved with Cisco.
Aaron himself had gotten into hot water for releasing damaging information about the NSA, and even claimed to be an NSA whistleblower, and was also possibly the individual who leaked the 2014 (or 2015) Bilderberg meeting list.
And then things went bad. Andrew quit the Malaysia project and Aaron left Cisco. It seems Andrew and Aaron were "set up" during a fiery false flag event in the Czech Republic in 2015. It may have happened at an embassy, but it's unclear which. There is no information on the web about anything like this (afaik).
Aaron was immediately targeted and spent several years on the run. Allegedly, he was added to the list of victims in the so-called "Great Game".
The Great Game is the term used for an international assassination program where intelligence agencies share a list of targets to be neutralized. The German BND and Mossad are heavily involved, as other networks. Individuals targeted by the Great Game may be offed by actual assassins, or by NPC-like humans whose minds will be influenced by mind control tech (a la Matrix...say influencing someone to ram your car unwittingly ie).
As Aaron went on the lam, Andrew soon returned to the US, shell-shocked by his experience.
Both Andrew and Aaron continue to suffer from some sort of PTSD from these series of events, rendering Andrew largely incapacitated and Aaron scattered and discombobulated.
The Meat of the Matter
OK...where does that leave us? Why am I sharing all of this? I think there's much more to this story.
So let's start speculating! Everything I'm about to say is stuff that was told to me personally. I can't vouch for any of this information, though obviously I thought it was compelling enough to share.
Here's the gist: The so-called whistleblowers you see in the media are almost all fake.
This includes: Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Thomas Drake and William Binney (hey look, his AMA is pinned on this sub right comment!). These individuals, and others, are controlled opposition. The real whistleblowers are severely punished.
For example, Bradley Manning was punished with chemical castration in jail. His "transformation" was chemically induced torture.
Andrew was not alone in his passion. There were lots of other young visionaries like him who dreamed of a freer and more transparent world.
In this story, Julian Assange was an intelligence asset...a psyop meant to steal the thunder from real activists like Andrew.
In this story, a small college-based "wiki" for government leaks was used as the model for an intelligence operation known as "wikileaks".
In this story, Andrew traveled to Iceland at some point in 2006.
When was Wikileaks founded? Wikileaks was founded by Julian Assange in December 2006, in Iceland.
Aaron discovered (legally, like Manning who had clearance to access all the data he leaked) damning information about surveillance happening by the NSA, specifically against recruits entering the US army and elsewhere.
In this story, the "Andrew" identity was co-opted and turned into "Julian Assange", and "Aaron" became "Edward Snowden".
Granted, there were probably other people that these whistleblower imposters were modeled after, but Andrew and Aaron seem like very strong contenders for some of this inspiration.
Now, much of the following may be gobbledygook (lol I spelled that right first try!) for all I know, but since I'm having a really hard time making sense of it all, I'll just include everything I can and let you guys run with it.
Here are some phrases, ideas, terms and people of note that may be involved with this story...MODS: None of this is doxing! All of the links of people are wikipedia pages or published interviews/articles. So yeah. Not dox!
I don't know how these terms, theories and individuals fit into this story, but that they may be somehow related.
Hopefully there are enough bread crumbs in here to keep some of you busy!
Any help/insight would be appreciated. I confess I'm not so tech-minded so I can't offer any more explanation about some of the more techy terms.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and thanks for continuing to stimulate after all these years! It's really nice to see this place continuing to thrive after all of this time!
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Voici LA chronique à découvrir, intitulée: La guerre contre Bitcoin. Idéal pour comprendre certains tenants et aboutissants

Voici LA chronique à découvrir, intitulée: La guerre contre Bitcoin. Idéal pour comprendre certains tenants et aboutissants… Bonne découverte.
La guerre contre Bitcoin
Bitcoin est peut-être le meilleur outil de liberté économique de cette génération, et peut-être depuis plusieurs générations. Malheureusement, Bitcoin a été furieusement étouffé par une guerre civile brutale depuis environ cinq ans maintenant; menée par des ingénieurs sociaux professionnels de certaines des entreprises les plus puissantes de l'espace des médias sociaux. Leur talent dans l'art et la science de la manipulation a permis aux "Bitcoiners" de se battre largement entre eux plutôt que de chercher à créer des modèles commerciaux innovants basés sur les données qui pourraient révolutionner l'économie mondiale via Bitcoin.
À la suite de la guerre civile de Bitcoin, trois versions concurrentes de Bitcoin ont vu le jour (BTC, BCH et Bitcoin SV ), mais il en est de même pour environ 3000 autres projets et jetons de « crypto-monnaie » se faisant passer pour des entreprises légitimes - jusqu'à un "exit scam" presque garantie, le fait de disparaitre du jour au lendemain avec tout l'argent des utilisateurs. Le principal bienfaiteur de la guerre civile Bitcoin a été Ethereum: une machine à états mondiale qui permet un déploiement facile de tokens et de contrats intelligents, mais le protocole Ethereum ne peut pas évoluer, et parmis les milliers de projets lancés, seule une poignée pourrait même être présentée comme avoir les ingrédients nécessaires pour devenir des entreprises légitimes. La plupart des autres sont des stratagèmes de Ponzi ou des émissions d'actions illégales - enrichissant les développeurs et escroquant les investisseurs amateurs.
C'est dans ce contexte que les défenseurs de BTC et de BCH, les porte-parole d'Ethereum et les altcoiners de tous bords s'alignent pour attaquer sans cesse le protocole Bitcoin préservé uniquement par le réseau BSV. Une industrie composée presque entièrement de criminels, de fraudes et d'arnaqueurs s'est unie contre BSV citant (et c'est là l'ironie) une prétendue fraude et arnaque présumée qui est l'existence même de BSV.
Nous devons nous demander pourquoi ?
Quel est le différenciateur clé de BSV?
Pourquoi tous les arnaqueurs se sont-ils unis contre lui?
Je suis fermement convaincu que pour la plupart, la motivation est la peur de la capacité de BSV à absorber l'économie mondiale et tous les autres projets «crypto» qui vont avec. Pour les autres, ou ceux qui ne comprennent pas le pouvoir du Bitcoin, ils sont entraînés dans une guerre culturelle qu'ils ne comprennent pas. Il est essentiel de comprendre les pouvoirs en jeu et leurs implications pour Bitcoin et l'économie mondiale.
Une histoire brève
Bitcoin a été lancé avec un "livre blanc" sur la liste de diffusion de cryptographie en 2008. Le pseudonyme « Satoshi Nakamoto » a déclaré une solution au problème de la double dépense. Or le problème de la double dépense de tous les précédents systèmes de paiement électronique était le seul facteur limitant l'adoption d'une monnaie électronique fonctionnelle. Il était impossible de prouver exactement qui possédait quelles unités d'argent sur leurs registres distribués, de sorte que les systèmes ne pouvaient pas faire confiance, et ces projets mourraient assez vite. Bitcoin a résolu ce problème avec un concept appelé « preuve de travail». Il poste la question: qui a brûlé le plus de puissance de calcul pour résoudre des énigmes arbitraires afin de rendre compte de l'état du registre d'une manière qui coûte de l'argent, de sorte qu'il y ait une incitation économique à tenir un compte honnête des avoirs de chacun. Ce processus est souvent appelé « exploitation minière » car les nœuds honnêtes qui maintiennent l'état du registre sont récompensés pour leur travail avec des Bitcoins toutes les dix minutes - un peu à la même manière d'un mineur d'or qui est récompensé par de l'or en échange de son travail.
Étant donné que Bitcoin n'avait aucune valeur lors de son lancement, il était extrêmement facile à miner et également gratuit d'envoyer des tonnes de transactions. En théorie, il s'agissait d'un vecteur d'attaque par déni de service (DoS). Une attaque DoS ou DDoS se produit lorsque les nœuds sont inondés de plus de données qu'ils ne peuvent en gérer et qu'ils plantent. Sur un jeune réseau Bitcoin, un crash comme celui-ci aurait été considéré comme un échec du réseau, donc un plafond de 1 Mo de données pour chaque dix minutes de temps de transaction a été codé en dur dans le logiciel - semant la première graine de la guerre civile Bitcoin . De 2009 à 2017, cette limite de 1 Mo sur le total des transactions était l'aspect technique le plus controversé du bitcoin.
Pourquoi est-ce important?
Une seule et simple transaction Bitcoin est relativement petite du point de vue des données, donc 1 Mo toutes les dix minutes donne environ trois à sept transactions par seconde avant que le réseau ne devienne trop encombré. Satoshi Nakamoto a plaidé pour un nombre de transactions au niveau de Visa, ainsi que son successeur direct en tant que développeur principal du projet, Gavin Andresen! Certains des premiers Bitcoiners influents comme Mike Hearn et Jeff Garzik ont ​​également plaidé pour plus de données par bloc pour permettre à Bitcoin de se développer pour rester un simple système de paiement électronique. Ils étaient pour des «gros blocs» contrairement au camp des «petits blocs» qui préconisaient une permanence de la limitation de 1 Mo de Bitcoin.
Le camp des "petits blocs" estiment que Bitcoin n'est pas un réseau de paiement, mais plutôt qu'il s'apparente davantage à une banque décentralisée conçue pour stocker des Bitcoins qui ne bougent jamais: une sorte de coffre-fort d'or numérique. Ils voulaient que la limite de taille des blocs de 1 Mo reste permanente sous les auspices de chaque personne exécutant un «nœud bitcoin complet» sans avoir à payer trop d'espace sur le disque dur. Cela signifierait qu'en période de congestion, les frais de transaction deviendraient absurdement élevés, mais cela n'aurait pas d'importance car le bitcoin ne devrait pas être négocié sauf en grosses quantitées de toute façon. L'autre problème est que s'il est bon marché de rejoindre la gouvernance de Bitcoin, alors le réseau est facile à attaquer par sybil, et je dirais que BTC est régi par des sybilles à ce jour.
Le camp des "gros-blocs" estime que tout le monde sur terre devrait être en mesure d'échanger et de faire ses affaires sur Bitcoin.
Les "petits-blocs" pensent que tout le monde devrait être en mesure de gérer soi-même le registre mondial chez soi, mais que seules certaines personnes très riches devraient pouvoir effectuer des transactions.
Après des années de querelles, en 2017, Bitcoin s'est scindé en deux chaînes distinctes, et en 2018, il s'est à nouveau divisé.
Alors quelle est la différence entre ces versions ?
BTC est actuellement la version qui a le prix le plus élevé, avec la plus petite taille de bloc et la plus grande puissance de calcul. Malheureusement, il est régi par des développeurs de logiciels et des sybilles qui contrôlent le consensus grâce à une utilisation intelligente de logiciels malveillants appelés «soft-fork» qui leur permet de saper les règles du Bitcoin. Ils utilisent ce pouvoir pour changer les règles des transactions en mentant aux nœuds et en leur disant de les valider quand même. Toute la culture BTC consiste à acheter du BTC afin de le conserver jusqu'à un moment dans le futur où il sera vendu. Les paiements avec BTC ou les transactions de toute nature sont méprisés.
BCH est un réseau basé sur Bitcoin qui pense que les blocs devraient être à peine légèrement plus grands, mais ils ont également des développeurs en charge des règles, tout comme BTC, et ils pensent que Bitcoin devrait être catégorisé pour être utilisé uniquement pour le commerce de détail, mais rien de plus. Le réseau change de règles tous les six mois. Les transactions non commerciales sont en général méprisées.
BSV est la version restaurée du protocole Bitcoin original avec tous les paramètres ouverts afin que les nœuds honnêtes puissent s'engager dans un consensus conformément au livre blanc de Bitcoin - par preuve de travail ! Le protocole est gravé dans la pierre afin que les développeurs de logiciels ne puissent pas bricoler les règles. Cela permet aux entreprises de planifier des décennies d'utilisation du réseau et d'investir en toute confiance. En tant que seul réseau bitcoin totalement sans autorisation, le commerce de toute nature est encouragé sur BSV. Tout, allant des réseaux sociaux aux expériences de science des données météorologiques ou aux tests de disponibilité du réseau, est encouragé. Paiements de détail, tokenisation, ou tout autre type de contrat intelligent est simple à déployer sans limitations. Bitcoin SV n'a aucun limite sauf l'esprit humain et l'esprit d'entreprise.
Et c'est la racine de la haine envers BSV.
Les "petits-blocs" ont investi toute leur réputation et leurs moyens de subsistance sur la notion que le bitcoin est incapable de s'adapter. Pendant des années, des experts présumés ont convaincu de nombreuses personnes que les limites de taille de bloc de 2 Mo, 8 Mo ou 22 Mo casseraient littéralement Bitcoin. Ils ont furieusement mis en jeux leur réputation sur ces fausses notions. Et ensuite, BSV a eu de nombreux blocs de plus de 100 Mo. En fait, il y en a même eu quelques-uns de plus de 300 Mo! prouvant que les petits-blocs se trompent sur les limites du réseau. Mais cette prise de conscience est une menace pour l'hégémonie du récit de Bitcoin. Depuis 2015, lorsque le Dr Craig Wright est apparu sur les lieux pour expliquer que le bitcoin avait en réalité ZERO limitations, il a créé un tollé massif parmi l'intelligentsia des petits-blocs. Les leaders d'opinion de l'époque étaient payés pour prendre la parole lors de conférences où ils expliquaient à tort que Bitcoin n'était rien d'autre qu'une réserve de valeur rare sans autre utilité. Le Dr Wright parlait de l'échelle illimitée du réseau, de son exhaustivité de Turing et d'autres notions inconcevables (à l'époque) sur Bitcoin. Sa passion et ses connaissances se sont heurtées à des calomnies et des railleries. Ils se sont concentrés sur l'attaque de son personnage au lieu de discuter de Bitcoin!
C'est devenu l'une des principales méthodes d'attaque des petits-blocs. Lorsque de gros-blocs parlent des capacités de Bitcoin, ils sont ridiculisés en tant qu'escrocs et le sujet est toujours dirigé très loin de la discussion technique, car les petits-blocs savent bien qu'ils sortiraient perdants. Ils fouillent les dossiers personnels et cherchent des moyens de faire taire les gens du camp des grands-blocs de Bitcoin de la même manière que les guerriers de la justice sociale s'engagent dans la culture d'annulation contre leurs ennemis politiques.
Qui est le Dr Craig Wright et que fait-il?
Si vous ne le savez pas, Craig Wright est le scientifique en chef d'une société de recherche sur Bitcoin au Royaume-Uni appelée nChain : une société de 150 à 200 informaticiens. Craig dirige l'équipe qui étudie les possibilités de Bitcoin et de ses applications dans le monde. Il est l'un des experts en criminalité numérique les plus reconnus au monde avec les certifications SANS et GIAC ainsi que les titres GSE CISSP, CISA, CISM, CCE, GCFA, GLEG, GREM et GSPA. En outre, il est un polymathe multidisciplinaire de troisième cycle: un doctorat en informatique, économie et théologie et titulaire d'une maîtrise en statistique et en droit commercial international.
En 2015, il a également été exposé par une publication conjointe de WIRED et Gizmodo en tant que Satoshi Nakamoto, le créateur de Bitcoin. Quelques jours après cette révélation, les gens qui le soutenaient ont vu leurs clés d'accès au code révoquées, et de nombreux autres ont été instantanément bannis. Craig a été mis sous enquête par le bureau des impôts australien pour ce qu'il considérait être une erreur de comptabilisation probable de ses bitcoins. Les retombées ont été agressives et rapides, avec une gigantesque armée de petits-blocs, organisée sur Reddit et autres forums, et nouvellement financée par l'argent de la startup pro-petits-blocs appelée «Blockstream». Leur message était clair: Bitcoin doit garder de petits blocs. Le Bitcoin ne peut pas évoluer, et toute personne proche de Craig Wright sera harcelée pour se conformer à une armée de comptes Twitter anonymes et sans visage.
Au cours des années suivantes, Ira Kleiman, frère du défunt Dave Kleiman, a poursuivi Craig Wright pour sa part du prétendu «Partenariat Satoshi Nakamoto», affirmant que Dave était plus impliqué qu'il ne l'était réellement, et l'affaire est en cours actuellement, jusqu'à courant 2021. Ira Kleiman pense que Craig est Satoshi et a investi une fortune incalculable et a obtenu l'argent d'investisseurs extérieurs pour poursuivre sa poursuite. Il est clair que les bailleurs de fonds d'Ira pensent que Craig est également Satoshi.
Les critiques qualifient souvent la révélation publique et le procès public de Wright de ternir énormément sa réputation, mais il convient de noter que les deux sont arrivés à Wright et qu'il ne souhaitait clairement pas être pris dans l'une ou l'autre situation.
Au lieu de cela, Craig est un défenseur passionné de la vision d'un Bitcoin avec de gros blocs, appelant à la professionnalisation, à la légalisation et à l'utilisation mondiales de Bitcoin pour une utilisation à tous les niveaux du commerce. La réponse à la passion de Craig et à ses affirmations a été d'attaquer sa réputation et d'endosser Internet avec le surnom de «Faketoshi». Lorsque de simples brimades ont échoué contre le Dr Wright, des attaques ont été intensifiées pour remettre en question ses divers diplômes, des pétitions aux universités pour enquêter sur lui pour plagiat dans divers travaux, y compris des thèses de doctorat, etc. Wright a même revendiqué des menaces contre la vie des membres de sa famille et il y a plus qu'une petite preuve que, selon Ian Grigg, une des légendes de la cryptographie: «des gens sont morts pour Bitcoin, vraiment, des gens sont morts».
Les attaques en cours
Cela ne peut être assez souligné: la communauté des petits-blocs est construite autour de tactiques d'ingénierie sociale professionnelle. Gregory Maxwell, co-fondateur de la société Blockstream, a été formé à la pratique de l'ingénierie sociale et l'a utilisé de manière si subversive comme un outil de propagande pendant son mandat en tant que modérateur rémunéré de Wikipedia, qu'il a finalement été démis de ses fonctions avec les journaux d'administration citant une litanie d'infractions, notamment:
«Gmaxwell s'est engagé dans la création de faux comptes en masse…» - Alhutch 00:05, 23 janvier 2006 (UTC)
«Menaces, insultes grossières, usurpations d'identité d'un administrateur», -Husnock 03:18, 25 janvier 2006 (UTC)
«Son comportement est scandaleux. Franchement, il est hors de contrôle à ce stade. Son comportement d'intimidation doit cesser.» - FearÉIREANN 19:36, 22 janvier 2006 (UTC)
«Sa liste de contributions est hors de propos. C'est du vandalisme. C'est un comportement auquel je m'attendrais d'un éditeur en furie, ce que, franchement, Gmaxwell est.» - Splashtalk 20h00, 22 janvier 2006 (UTC)
«Prétend être un administrateur, menaçant de bloquer les personnes qui ne sont pas d'accord avec lui, fait régulièrement des attaques personnelles» - SlimVirgin (talk) 12h22, 22 janvier 2006 (UTC)
Il passe beaucoup de temps sur Reddit et d'autres forums à semer la peur sur les dangers des gros blocs, et il a été surpris en train de faire semblant d'être plusieurs comptes à la fois en train d'avoir de très longues discussions techniques sur Reddit destinées à submerger les nouveaux arrivants avec ce qui ressemble à un débat intellectuel.
Qui d'autre est attaqué?
L'autre cible commune de la machine de guerre anti-BSV est Calvin Ayre: le milliardaire à la tête de l'empire du groupe Ayre. Calvin est un entrepreneur canadien et antiguais qui a lancé un incubateur Internet à Vancouver au tout début du boom Internet. Fils d'un éleveur de porcs, Ayre est surtout connu en dehors de l'économie Bitcoin pour la création et la professionnalisation de l'industrie du jeu d'argent sur Internet. Plus particulièrement, sous la marque Bodog, Ayre a aidé à moderniser les lois financières américaines compliquées et obsolètes en poussant les limites dans les marchés gris qui existent où les dollars américains sont utilisés à travers les frontières pour s'engager dans un commerce juridiquement compliqué comme le jeu d'argent. Son travail dans ce domaine lui a valu une petite fortune et un passage sur une liste des «plus recherchés» pour blanchiment d'argent. C'est un point sur lequel les petits-blocs aiment se concentrer, mais ils le sortent complètement de son contexte. Calvin a finalement plaidé coupable à une accusation de délit, mais a été le fer de lance de la modernisation des lois et règlements américains qui existent aujourd'hui sur les marchés complètement ouverts et fonctionnels. Il est respecté pour son travail dans l'industrie du jeu, les médias et la philanthropie. Calvin est certainement le bienvenu aux États-Unis malgré la critique souvent citée et dépassée selon laquelle il est une sorte de hors-la-loi.
Calvin Ayre
Dans l'économie Bitcoin, Ayre est une figure de proue dans la gestion de nœuds Bitcoin honnêtes pendant plusieurs années sous les marques CoinGeek et TAAL, et il est un investisseur dans nChain ainsi que plusieurs startups dans l'espace BSV. Bien qu'il soit probablement le plus gros investisseur, il n'est pas le monolithe que les petits-blocs laisseraient croire aux critiques. Il est important de comprendre que des segments entiers de l'écosystème BSV existent complètement en dehors de son influence.
Twetch, par exemple, est une entreprise indépendante appartenant à l'écosystème BSV, célèbre pour ses attaques contre les médias sociaux centralisés. Ils sont même connus pour se moquer des entreprises qui acceptent l'argent d'Ayre, en plaisantant que Calvin possède tout sauf Twetch. Bien sûr, ce n'est pas vrai. Un autre excellent exemple est l'investisseur / entrepreneur indépendant Jack Liu : ancien dirigeant de Circle et OKEX. Liu possède la marque de hackathons CambrianSV ainsi que des propriétés précieuses dans l'espace BSV telles que RelayX, Streamanity, Output Capital, FloatSV et Dimely.
Les autres acteurs clés sont MatterPool Mining et leur écosystème Mattercloud: une joint-venture entre des acteurs indépendants de l'écosystème BSV, avec des connexions directes aux protocoles BoostPOW et 21e8 et des relations avec des développeurs BSV indépendants.
Bien sûr, il existe également des marques précieuses financées par Ayre. Il s'agit notamment de la propriété partielle via l'investissement dans HandCash, Centi, TonicPow et Unwriter's Planaria Corp.
Une autre mesure importante à prendre en compte est la distribution de la puissance de hachage. Alors qu'à un moment de l'histoire, les entreprises appartenant à Ayre représentent une quantité importante de hachage sur bitcoin, BSV est aujourd'hui en grande partie exploité par des mineurs concurrents de Binance, F2Pool, OKEX et ViaBTC - dont aucun n'est «ami» de BSV ou d'Ayre, mais beaucoup sont ennemis. Ces mineurs soulignent cependant la nature ouverte et sans permission de BSV pour permettre à quiconque de participer.
Ayre est un acteur important, mais en aucun cas un contrôleur de la direction de la blockchain ou des entreprises indépendantes dans l'économie BSV.
Mais pourquoi Craig poursuit-il tout le monde en justice ?
Tout d'abord, et c'est crucial, le procès le plus important de Craig est l'affaire Kleiman. Les autres cas existent uniquement à cause de la diffamation publique du Dr Wright. Le hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud circule largement, poussé en grande partie par un mélange de personnages anonymes sur Twitter. Plus particulièrement Magnus Granath AKA «Hodlonaut» a été averti qu'une accusation publique de fraude courait à son encontre. La carrière du Dr Wright est en informatique et en criminalistique numérique, donc le déclarer publiquement une fraude cause un préjudice financier au Dr Wright dans son domaine d'expertise commerciale. Puisque «Hodlnaut» a refusé de cesser, on lui a envoyer une requête pour être vu au tribunal. Cela a causé le célèbre podcasteur de petits-blocs Peter McCormack à mendier d'être poursuivi aussi - en augmentant la rhétorique diffamatoire contre le Dr Wright. À la demande de McCormack, il a lui aussi été attaqué en justice pour être vu au tribunal.
Cette ère de service a engendré la campagne #DelistBSV menée en grande partie par «CZ», le PDG charismatique de Binance Exchange. Divers autres échanges comme Shapeshift et Kraken ont publié des sondages publics demandant s'ils devaient emboîter le pas, et des petits-blocs bien organisés ont voté en masse pour retirer BSV de leurs échanges - citant la toxicité du Dr Wright pour avoir intenté des poursuites en diffamation contre Hodlonaut et McCormack. Finalement, BSV a été retiré de Binance, ShapeShift et Kraken. Il a également été noté publiquement par Coinbase et Gemini qu'ils ne soutiendraient pas du tout cette version de bitcoin à la suite du drame public.
Au fur et à mesure que les choses progressaient, le fondateur de, Roger Ver, a également réalisé une vidéo publique déclarant Wright comme arnaqueur. C'était après avoir travaillé sournoisement avec les développeurs Bitcoin ABC pour coder des points de contrôle dans le logiciel ABC de Bitcoin Cash, divisant de manière permanente le réseau Bitcoin pour la deuxième et dernière fois - un acte pour lequel Roger est également poursuivi par d'autres parties privées en Floride. Roger Ver a été averti que des problèmes juridiques similaires se présenteraient à sa porte pour avoir diffamé le Dr Wright, mais les critiques publiques ont persisté jusqu'à ce que Roger soit également entendu devant le tribunal et fournisse la preuve de la fraude de Wright, sous peine de sanctions pour diffamation publique. Son cas est en instance à Antigua-et-Barbuda, où il est récemment devenu citoyen.
Et ensuite il se passe quoi ?
Nous avons établi l'histoire du Bitcoin, de la guerre civile, des attaques publiques contre Wright, Ayre et BSV. Au moment d'écrire ces lignes, nous pouvons revenir sur les attaques contre Thomas Lee, Tim Draper et Jimmy Wales pour avoir eu une proximité avec BSV. Malgré la pression sociale, le rapport Fundstrat de Lee a rendu un examen élogieux du protocole fixe et de l'évolutivité infinie de BSV. Lee et son équipe étaient heureux de prendre la parole lors des événements précédents de CoinGeek, même après le tollé public.
Pour la conférence CoinGeek 2020 à New York, McCormack, Hodlonaut, « Arthur Van Pelt » et d'autres acteurs tels que le Dan Held de Kraken et une cacophonie de trolls anonymes sur Twitter ont mis à profit leur expérience de la culture d'annulation à la bolchevique pour faire pression sur les orateurs Gary Vaynerchuk , et d'autres orateurs prévus afin de les forcer à annuler leur participation à la conférence. Cette attaque sociale contre BSV, Dr. Wright, Ayre et les autres entreprises qui utilisent le réseau BSV pourrait être un cas gigantesque de fraude à la consommation. Ils trompent activement les gens en leur faisant croire que le protocole fixe et l'évolutivité infinie de Bitcoin SV sont en quelque sorte dangereux, alors qu'en fait, le protocole et le réseau sont imperméables à toutes les attaques, à l'exception de leur ingénierie sociale.
Bitcoin SV s'est développé professionnellement avec un portefeuille de brevets de classe mondiale. Il est utilisé par des entreprises indépendantes pour réaliser des profits et il est exploité sur le marché libre par un groupe décentralisé de nœuds honnêtes qui se font concurrence. Le réseau est fixe, sécurisé et en croissance grâce aux investissements de petites entreprises et de gestionnaires de capitaux mondiaux. Les mensonges au contraire sont basés sur une campagne massive de dénigrement perpétrée par les communautés d'autres cryptomonnaie qui craignent l'adoption mondiale de BSV comme outil de commerce et ce que cela signifiera pour eux. L'histoire ne sera pas gentille avec ces manipulateurs et leurs réseaux qui sont financés par les fraudes probables des échanges de crypto-monnaies off-shore, le (très probablement) frauduleux Tether Stablecoin, et l'économie de "pump-and-dump" qui sous-tend 95% du volume de négociation de l'ensemble de l'économie cryptomonnaie actuelle.
C'est une guerre civile. Il y aura toujours des victimes, mais alors que BTC et BCH se concentrent sur les ragots et les affaires illicites, BSV veut que le monde entier soit plus libre, plus souverain et plus capable de coopérer sur le registre mondial de la vérité afin que les entrepreneurs du monde puissent s'engager dans les grandes entreprises ou de simples nano-services sont rendus possibles uniquement par Bitcoin. Bitcoin est un test d'intelligence. Au fil du temps, les personnes intelligentes pourront voir à travers le brouillard de distorsion de la réalité créé pour confondre les innocents et reconnaître cela pour ce que c'est, une attaque coordonnée pour tenter de supprimer une technologie supérieure qui les rendrait obsolètes.

Des exemples d'applications Bitcoin que vous pouvez essayer dès aujourd'hui gratuitement ?
Si vous vous sentez prêt à faire le premier pas dans le futur vous êtes libres de tester les meilleurs applications du Metanet sur
Le site le plus populaire du Metanet à ce jour est, une version de twitter incensurable sur la blockchain, allez jeter un oeil !

sources: traduit et inspiré de
image :
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I am absolutely loving the direction Justin is laying out for Tron's future

Ethereum's greatest argument over Tron has been its "pure" solution to Zooko's Triangle, however this "integrate all the sidechains" mentality has me feeling great about Tron's future outlook. Have a specific use-case that might require a most-decentralized platform? Cool, use the designated side-chain since we'll have built in communication across chains. Each sidechain having its own massive capacity and additive to the overall network capacity. From a baseline concept I see this truly being competitive with Ethereum's sharding and I welcome the discussion on it.
Nearly 2 years into this bear market, how many projects can say they're still bringing real deliverables and improvements to continue building? Just as an aside and even as the market price is dropping off a cliff while I write this I see it akin to the dotcom bubble where it's just going to take time to correct. Meanwhile, CZ's advice to surviving bear markets "keep your head down and build" rings true to me and Tron is doing that.
I love hearing about real content from Justin. Bitcoin rises and falls, the market is upside down and no doubt manipulated by larger bodies and forces at play than just Tron in a vacuum, but the more time goes and seeing real innovation, adapting to technical challenges and keeping Tron an agile machine I really feel this is one of the projects we will see come out of the gates as a leader in the coming years.
There are some marketing tactics I absolutely hate that seem like their team doesn't really get Western culture (for example: spamming /tronix with micro-videos that literally no one comments on because they don't belong as their own post.) All that said there are many other ways to connect with the growing number of community members and I have to say this has been, and continues to be, an absolutely wild ride.
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Atomic Wallet Coin is SHOCKINGLY Undervalued ~750k Market Cap

Hey, /cryptomoonshots! Its my first post here (woo!)

I’ve been lucky enough to have found QNT and LTO from this subreddit. I’ve found a third project that looks extremely interesting and I’d like to share my research here. My background is in digital marketing and this project stood out to me, especially from a marketing and biz dev perspective, which I’ll share below.

Feel free to correct the record if I’ve posted anything incorrect and I will update it (I’m a human being, I make mistakes, okay!) Additionally, the CEO is constantly answering questions on Telegram!

The project is Atomic Wallet Coin. $AWC



Atomic Wallet is a non custodial crypto wallet for desktop and mobile. Users can exchange and buy 300+ cryptocurrencies from a single interface. The wallet can perform cross-chain atomic swaps.

It’s an exchange built into a wallet.

Shapeshift and Changelly are partnered with Atomic to add additional currency swap pairs + fair rates. Fiat/crypto gateway is supported directly through the app.

Atomic has over 40,000 monthly active users and boasts 150k+ downloads.

The project is one of the first to migrate over to Binance chain. They are currently in the process of getting listed on Binance DEX. Half of their supply will remain ERC-20 and the other half migrated to BEP-2.


Konstantin Gladych self funded Atomic Wallet with his own funds. He previously was the CEO and co-founder of Changelly, a fully compliant crypto exchange service which has been around since 2013 and has serviced over 2 million users across the world.

“Changelly's trading algorithms are integrated into large and reputable trading platforms, such as Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and HitBTC” - Wikipedia

Konstantin holds a PhD in data science/machine learning and left his CEO position at Changelly to develop Atomic Wallet full time.

The team currently consists of 20 full-time employees - 6 developers, 7 support and community managers, 6 marketing and business development, and 1 designer.


Atomic Wallet is trusted by many household names in crypto. This does NOT mean Atomic is “partnered” with these companies, however it adds massive credibility to AWC considering they trust it enough to add it as a recommended wallet on their websites.

Take a look for yourself:


traffic statistics for [pic]

Atomic Wallet has an A+ marketing team.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how well is performing (see above). They’ve gone from 0 to 95k unique visitors per month in well under one year. Purely from Google search traffic. This doesn’t include traffic from Twitter, Facebook, and other sources. It also was during the worst bear market in crypto history, when these search terms would be at a low.

Let’s see how Atomic Wallet measures up against some well-known sites: 802k/mo 580k/mo 401k/mo 172k/mo 165k/mo 149k/mo 125k/mo 95k/mo 70.9k/mo (Binance owned) 24k/mo

Atomic Wallet has virtually caught up to or exceeded many of it’s competitors in terms of traffic in well under a year. Turning this traffic into downloads/new users is child’s play. It’s one of the reasons this company with 20+ employees is already profitable in just a few short months.

So, how is this site getting so many visitors?

Here are a few search terms that ranks on page 1 for on Google.

Open up a new tab, visit and see for yourself!

“EOS wallet”
“ETH wallet”
“BNB wallet”
“Buy Bitcoin”
“Ethereum wallet”
“XRP wallet”
“Ripple wallet”
“DASH wallet”

+27,100+ additional search terms that bring in a total of 94,700 visitors per month. Purely. from. Google. Search.

traffic statistics for [pic]


Atomic’s website does a thorough job of explaining the tokenomic details of the $AWC coin. The tokenomics mirror the standard use-cases you would expect from an exchange token (Bibox, KCS, etc.) The CEO recently expressed his interest in adding staking rewards for AWC holders. He is also exploring the idea of having IEO-type listings for Atomic Wallet users/holders in the future. New projects could theoretically debut directly on their platform and be traded against $AWC, similar to how Bitmax runs IEOs.

Currently, 90% of the circulating supply is locked up and Konstantin has announced his intention to buy back and burn tokens with company profits.

Here are a few of the use cases for $AWC:

The team is looking to make $AWC directly tradeable from the app in the future.

With thousands of new Atomic Wallet users per month, this is an incredibly exciting feature.


Atomic Wallet will grow to an active user base in the millions. Every crypto holder needs a wallet. Atomic provides a user-friendly wallet for newbies getting their feet wet in crypto. Most newbs aren’t going out and buying a LedgeTrezor right away. Building an exchange directly into the wallet provides a safe and easy way to trade crypto assets.

The number of cryptocurrency users and addresses are growing exponentially. Atomic wallet was created during the bear market. They are perfectly positioned to take a massive share of the increasingly competitive crypto wallet market during a bull market/alt coin season.

In my opinion, they’re on track to be the #1 desktop/mobile multi-crypto wallet.

As someone who is experienced in search engine/digital marketing, these guys have an ace marketing team. Even beating or ranking just below Coinbase for many competitive Google search terms in just a few short months.

I have zero doubts that they will blow past every single one of their roadmap goals, especially as Bitcoin continues to climb in value and more people start buying crypto.

Despite short term fluctuations in price, Atomic will continue to onboard thousands of new users every single month. The traffic numbers don’t lie. The Google search rankings don’t lie. Atomic will need to be wise about how they monetize this traffic.

The company is already profitable. The CEO is well connected and has proved he is highly competent in creating and successfully running a crypto exchange.

I have a lot more info to share about this project if there is interest, I’ll post a part 2 or a follow-up in the comments.

A profitable company of this caliber with 20 full-time employees isn’t justified at a ~$750k market cap.




Currently at 750k market cap

2.7MM market cap is a 3.6x from here.
5M market cap is a 6.6x from here.
8MM market cap is a 10.6x from here.


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AMA: I travelled to Turkey to get an FUE Hair Transplant: 5000 Grafts, Dr Koray Erdogan, ASMED Clinic

Hi Guys (& Gals?),
Just wanted to quickly thank you all for your contributions to these forums. You really made a huge difference to my journey.
After over an entire year of research, here's my input. I've tried to make it short and precise to exactly what I would've liked to know as I was making this decision.
Started losing my hair at 21, now 29. I live in Sydney, and flew over to Istanbul to get an FUE Hair Transplant done. It was last year that my hair loss kicked into overdrive, with that tingling/sensitive/burning sensation that many of you might already know (ask me for more info if interested).
1 day post-op:
16 days post-op:
(You can see that there is some redness, and the hair is overall pretty thin. A lot of the hair had fallen, which I understand is part of the process)
30 days Post-Op:
60 days Post-Op:
No hair cuts up to this point except for my side-burns. What you see is the growth since the surgery.
Day 94:
Day 288 (13 photos):
I'll update with more photos if people are interested.
  • Donor area: The back of my head (and sides), where there is no hair loss.
  • Recipient area: Where the grafts are planted (Balding areas)
  • Graft: This is a follicle unit, and it can carry multiple hairs (1 to 6)
  • Total Donor Capacity: This is the amount I could extract, while still enjoying a natural-looking donor area. No harvesting beyond this amount.
  • Dr Koray Erdogan: There is a wikipedia page on him.
  • Patient Coordinator: This is the person that coordinates for you both information and logistics. He/She is also a translator and will be by your side for most of the operation.
The Basics
  • Age: 29
  • Norwood: Probably 4
  • Total Grafts: 5000 Grafts, Yielding 10,400 Hairs
  • Operation Date: 17/April/2018 - Today is 16 days post-op.
  • Total Cost Breakdown:
2.5 Euro Per Graft for the operation and 3 day accomodation (together) + Extra Accomodation (around 80 Euro per night) + Economy Ticket + Pocket Money
12,500 + 240 + 840 + 100 = 13,680 Euro
  • Finasteride: Yes. Started 1 month before the surgery @ 0.5mg, and now on 1mg for the next 12 months. See Finasteride Section
  • Total Donor Capacity: 8,400 (At the clinic, I've seen people ranging between 6,500 and 9,400)
  • Total Days: 7
1: Arrival and Planning. 2: First operation - 2500 Grafts (Includes all three phases: Extraction, Incision and Implantation). 3: 2nd Operation - 2500 Grafts. 4: Washing and removal of bandages. 5: RecoveWash at the clinic/Eat Turkish Kebabs. 6: RecoveWash at the clinic/Eat Turkish Kebabs. 7: Self-Wash on Sunday and Fly.
I'm not a rich person, and have been worried about this aspect throughout the entire process. I eventually decided to take out a bank loan of the total amount, and signed to pay it off over 2 years (with a 10% interest rate).
I transferred the maximum amount allowed by the clinic (3,000 Euro) via WorldFirst, which had the best exchange rate. And I carried the remainder in cash (exchanged AUD to EUR via TravelEx - I actually negotiated a rate, just like a peasant. lol)
The Operation
The first day is all about planning. You get photographed, and then Dr Koray will study the degree of your hair loss and where the grafts would be best placed. He builds a strategy for you, and explains it in detail.
I have to mention that Finasteride was part of this strategy for me, since I agreed to stick to it. This means that the Dr would focus on the areas where I've completely lost my hair, and go easy on the areas that are simply thinning. As he explained it, after 1 year, Finasteride would've hopefully done it's magic on the thinning areas, and the bald spots would simply grow the implanted hair. He also shared with me some examples of what the result should look like (where a person didn't transplant hair into a thinning area, and it was pretty dense eventually). Naturally, if you decide you don't want to take the drug, I'd imagine the strategy will be different.
I had to do the operation over 2 big sessions, 2500 grafts each. Each session is 3 parts: Extraction, Incision and Implantation. Both the Extraction and Implantation parts are conducted by a team of surgeons dedicated to you, and the incision session is conducted by Dr Koray himself. Just like many on these forums, I've criticised this method, as I wanted to work with a clinic where the Dr does all the stages himself. When I went to the ASMED clinic, I realised that you're paying for the methods, tools and process, and not for who does the work. The extraction and implantation sections did not seem super technical, as the entire team were relaxed and even chatting/listening to light music while conducting these parts. I trusted this, since the Doctor was checking in on the team every few hours, and then does a final check in the end.
Dr Koray conducted the incision session himself, surrounded by the entire team.
While I was there, I verified my understanding of the process, and requested to see each tool being used. Everything on their website is true, including the punch tool's diameter (which is designed to leave really tiny holes in your donor area).
Talk to me about Pain
Of course it's painful! What did you expect? It's surgery! lol I personally underestimated how painful this operation would be. Here's what you need to know:
  1. They use local anaesthesia to the area where they want to operate, and THAT part is painful. Also, as the anaesthesia wears off, you'll start feeling the stings depending on the session. You will need to notify the team when this happens, so they can re-inject that area. The other patients spoke about different levels of pain (either more or less), so I'm guessing my experience is not consistent.
  2. While sitting, I experienced some lower back pain, which is the same pain I get when driving long distances. You can ask for a pillow to help.
  3. 1 day post-op, my recipient area was really painful (as the wounds were healing). And the inability to sleep (due to the pain, jet-lag and required awkward sleeping position) did not help at all. The post-surgery pain went away at around day 8.
Worth mentioning that the clinic has an anaesthetist who checks on your every half an hour during the operation. He has given me all kinds of drugs to help with my pain. I caught him for some painkillers every day before leaving.
Patient Coordinator
There are several patient coordinators at ASMED. They are probably assigned based on what language you speak (and there are quite a few that speak English). I worked with the coordinator Esen, whom I highly recommend. She had answers for me before I asked the questions, and is still evaluating progress to this day.
I've observed the other coordinators while I was there, they were OK! But all the other patients agreed that I had hit the jackpot with Esen being my coordinator. If you're doing this at ASMED, and you're an English speaker, I recommend you ask for her.
Other Patients
There will be other patients while you're there. I have to admit, it was refreshing to meet people who are in the same boat as me. It was like going to an AA meeting for baldness (lol ok bad joke, but you get it). We spent time together at the hotel, and at the clinic. I highly recommend you mingle and get to know these guys. We discussed things like: Expectations, Finasteride Side Effects, Do's and Don'ts, Pain, etc. Me and the group eventually started a whatsapp group to share progress. I honestly found that this made the entire thing easier for me.
What surprised me though was that some of the other patients were rather careless. Some were smoking straight after the operation, others didn't come wearing the correct clothing (a buttoned shirt) and some hadn't done much research. But anyway, each to his own.
Work Leave + Planning the stay
I booked 3 weeks of annual leave, and told my boss that I'll be getting an operation done. I was honestly not comfortable sharing this information, but the team would've known anyway because I expected some redness for at least 2 months after the operation. My boss requested that I take my surgery time as Sick Leave, which was awesome. They also agreed that I work from home for 2 weeks after I'm back from leave - How awesome is that? I figured that was definitely sufficient time for me to get back on my feet, and almost fully recover (and not still look like a patient).
So..1 Week (Sick) + 2 Weeks (annual leave) + 2 Weeks Work from Home. Try to pull this off if you can, for maximum comfort.
For the surgery, I arrived on a Monday, and left on Sunday. This worked really well for me, because I didn't want to fly straight after the operation looking like an alien (and dealing with the pain on the plane). Also, if you stay, the clinic will give you a wash every day, including Saturday. Which I thought was a no-brainer, because I was too paranoid about touching my head myself.
The Emotional Aspect
I wasn't too anxious about the operation. I felt that I had done enough research and planning that I was ready and excited. Everyone at the clinic is very warm and welcoming.
After I was done with the operation, I went back to my hotel room, and was in a lot of pain. I looked at myself in the mirror, and wept a little. Yes. The whole thing had hit me like a raging truck - The whole hair loss journey had been painful, and horrible. And look at what I'm doing to fight it! Look at how I've put myself in financial jeopardy, just to fix this stupid-ass DHT sensitivity gene that I'm carrying. It's horrible, everything about it is horrible! How much valuable time did I spend on my hair loss problem? It's incredible. I used to be at least 10 times more confident with a full head of hair. And I've spent every day in the last 9 years looking in the mirror, and thinking.."Fuck! It's happening!".. but acting like it's all "good in the hood". No, it's not good! It's awful! And I could not believe how far I was willing to go to fix it. There I was, in my hotel room, with a burning scalp, a hole in my pocket and looking a lot like ET.
I then got it together and ordered a tub of chocolate ice cream to make me feel better.
Of course I was going to have a section for this drug. I was absolutely terrified when I started researching it, and I found it very odd that the clinic recommended this drug before even meeting me.
I started using a generic Finasteride brand 1 month before the operation (@ 0.5mg), and for some reason, I lost a good 30% of my hair during that period. I found that very strange, but there have been people online reporting the same thing.
The clinic was disappointed that I had gone for a generic finasteride brand, and that I only took 0.5mg. Everyone in the clinic emphasised that I stick to the products produced by Merck. I had an argument with the anaesthetist about this, and I presented my research and why I felt generic finasteride was exactly the same. He agreed with me, but explained that his experience with patients of the clinic showed that both Propecia and Proscar (Merck) have yielded the best results and least side effects - But anyway, why take the risk and go for a generic brand? Also, they weren't happy with the 0.5mg, and insisted I go for 1mg.
The clinic provides you a year's worth of Finasteride, btw.
I have had no side effects from the drug so far, other than the sudden hair loss at the very beginning.
Why I chose Turkey?
After all the research I've done, it became clear to me that some of the top surgeons reside in Turkey. There isn't really a #1 surgeon out there, but I know quality when I see it! And Dr Koray's work has fascinated me every single time. There are a lot of examples of his great work, and I have literally found no poor results so far. I even translated Turkish forums to see how he's performing from their perspective, and it's all nothing short of excellence.
For the price, and what you're getting in quality, Turkey was definitely the best option for me.
Logistics in Istanbul
This was all arranged. A fancy mini-van picked me up from the airport, and transported me back and forth from the clinic everyday. I stayed in the Radisson Blu Hotel, very close to the clinic. Breakfast was provided, and I used google translate to order food online (via
I didn't get to go out much, although I really wanted to explore Istanbul, but I was too jet-lagged/in pain. There was a point I even got dressed and went out for a few minutes, but decided to go back to my room in fear of fainting.
The Painful/Uncomfortable Feeling of Balding
(This section was written on day 60 post-op)
Do you know that feeling of..balding? That sensitivity in your scalp when you simply put your hand on your head? That feeling of some subtle stinging in the roots of your hair? The thing that comes and goes, depending on the day, and maybe even depending on your sexual activity? I have suffered from this for many years, and realised that after this pain takes place in specific areas in my head, it's followed by balder spots. Anyway, I'm glad to announce that I don't feel this pain anymore. I'm not sure why, as so much has changed in the last couple of months, but this is what I think:
  1. Finasteride! Yes. I started Finasteride 1 month before the surgery, and had a giant shed. It is possible that the shedding was due to DHT being eliminated from my scalp, and the hair follicle going into a dormant phase. I'm guessing that the scalp pain may have been because of DHT attacking my follicles. And now that Finasteride is in full swing, and has killed off all the DHT-affected hairs (and put them into dormant mode), I no longer feel the pain.
  2. It could be the vitamins. There is some chatter online that Omega 3 helps eliminate this pain. Please refer to the original post if you want to know what vitamins I'm taking.
  3. I could be imagining this. Maybe the pain hasn't fully disappeared, and I'm just still numb from the surgery.
If you suffer from this pain/sensation in your scalp, I recommend you try 1mg Finasteride for a few months, and allow your scalp to shed. I will keep this section updated because this pain drove me crazy in the last couple of years.
Other Matters
  • I've done some research on what to take that could help with recovery. Here's what I'm on:
  1. Vitamin D
  2. B-Complex (Focused on Biotin. As much as possible).
  3. Omega 3-6-9
  4. Magnesium Threonate (Not Citrate)
  5. Zinc
  6. Aloe Vera (on my donor area once a day, starting day 8 post-op)
  7. Finasteride 1mg
  8. Vitamin K2 MK7
I buy all my supplements in Australia from - I'm pretty sure it's the cheapest out there.
  • A super high quality neck pillow is your best friend if you're getting a hair transplant. Trust me.
  • Not many people speak English in Turkey. For example, the drivers don't speak a word of English. Would be good to have translation app handy. But, you don't have to worry about this at the clinic, since your coordinator will..coordinate..everything for you.
  • Funny, I got a consultation in Australia for a hair transplant a few months ago. They recommended 2,000 grafts, at a similar price to my 5,000 grafts at ASMED. I confessed that I'm going for a 5,000 graft surgery and was just comparing. They would not believe that and said it was too much.
  • Expect some swelling after the surgery. Oh yes! I spent a day or two looking like ET.
  • The maximum I've seen someone do in one session (over 2 days) is 5,500 grafts. Might want to ask the Doctor if you wanted to go beyond that.
Anyway, I hope all this was useful. If you would like to donate to help me repay the surgery loan, that would be crazy awesome:
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 3HKyJZcxcNtxhH69ifedVSUG4zHorv9Rhq
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0x15F72fa0B3B184251f57763dD081C4eBA2CD23e2
  • Ripple (XRP): rUH3ZB7DsDCo9eU33ovUeWKwjqp61HEsCz
Fire away! Ask me anything.
EDIT: I'm updating the photos, and some key details for anyone who may come across this post later and doesn't want to go through the entire thread.
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Kickstarter for Guns!

If you are interested in being involved with this project, please put your ideas/suggestions/work in this sub I've created.
Who is interested in helping start a website that would basically be the "Kickstarter" or "IndieGoGo for the gun community? That way, average joes could invest their money and time into making products that they actually want to see. Basic things we'd need:
Who's interested? Let's get this going.
EDITS: Below are suggestions that have been made:
  • Gatstarter
  • Bangmaker
  • Shootstarter
  • Triggerbeginner
  • Gunstarter
  • GunRep
  • Shootkicker
  • Gearstarter
  • Gatblatblatter
  • BlatGatBlatter
  • Pullthetrigger
  • StartingGun
  • StarterPistol
  • Firestarter
  • Openfire!
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Game of Drones

Game of Drones

Game of Drones

A Deep Dive into the Drone Vertical

What will the future look like?
With all of the innovations being developed today, people often wonder what our near future will look like and which technologies will be implemented on a large scale to simplify and improve our lives. Let me paint a picture…
It is the year 2035 and Bob is looking forward to visiting his friend Alice. Upon waking, he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth and receives the latest news through his bathroom mirror. Bob lives in Paris but Alice lives in Amsterdam in a house built using 3D-printer technology. Bob could arrive at Alice’s house using an autonomous car service or take a drone helicopter taxi. But instead of traveling for six hours, he decides to use the Hyperloop and pay for his ticket with Bitcoin. Traveling by Hyperloop will only take 30 minutes! At the Hyperloop station, a Humanoid robot preps Bob for his ride by giving him specific details. When Bob arrives, Alice is bed bound due to an unfortunate electric scooter accident. But she pre-approved Bob’s entrance to her home using his smartphone so Alice doesn’t have to trouble herself.
So what do you think? Does this slice of the future seem possible to you? I certainly believe it is; developers are already working on developing and tweaking all of these solutions. So it’s quite possible that they will be regulated and implemented into our society in the next 20 years. Let’s take a look at recent developments in the drone industry with an emphasis on projects that may change our lives for the better. To get everyone up to speed, I’ll provide a brief history of drones.

The first drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was created by the Austrian military during World War I. The idea was to fill unmanned balloons with bombs and have them explode in the enemy’s territory. Unfortunately for the Austrians, the plan somewhat backfired when some of the balloons exploded in their own lines, killing several Austrian soldiers.
After being used my military-based operations for about a century, drones began to gain popularity in other fields and became more than just a warfare product. The consumer market greatly expanded as the quality of drones and added features consistently improved with ‘unicorn’ startup DJI leading the way. Over the years, drone technology has been introduced into various types of industries (discussed below), and the total market capitalization of commercial applications is over $ 127 billion U.S.
Drones have also become a part of social interactions as well through the countless drone competitions in which participants fly a specific parkour to become the best UAV-racer.
To provide developers, manufacturers, and end-users guidelines on how to handle these air-based robots, several countries have already implemented legislation regarding operating a drone.
Drone Verticals
The drone industry has entered the specialization phase which allows for various verticals to emerge. Let’s take a look at different industries where drones are implemented in various business models.
Transportation and Delivery Sector
The steady pace of urbanization in big cities around the world means massive traffic congestions, which no one likes! The number of cars on the road increases every day, leading to more traffic accidents and casualties. Luckily, various companies are trying to solve these issues by offering innovative solutions. Passenger drone project Volocopter has already finished a successful pilot study in Dubai. And Chinese manufacturer Ehang is also ready to offer its passenger drone to the public.
Amazon has officially started piloting Amazon Air, a delivery system whose goal is to deliver packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using drones! As Amazon claims, “It looks like science fiction, but it’s real. One day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road.”
Supplying survivors of natural disasters with emergency aid kits has become easier with the help of cargo drones. Californian startup Matternet sent its cargo drones filled with food and medicine to Haiti after the country’s massive destructive earthquake back in 2010. And the United Nations World Food Program is a firm believer in deploying cargo drones to help feed those stuck in war zones.
Ambulance Drone
Healthcare Industry
Drones in the healthcare industry have already proven to be very useful in life-threatening situations. In the future, small indoor drones will be used to deliver the required daily medicine to bed-bound patients or nutritious, fresh meals to the elderly who cannot cook their own meals. In Rwanda, the Ministry of Health has teamed up with Silicon Valley-based robotics company, Zipline, to start the “Uber for blood”, a drone delivery service that delivers blood to hospitals in need of blood. If services run smoothly, Zipline will start another pilot in Tanzania.
TU Delft University is developing an Ambulance Drone, a “flying toolbox” carrying supplies for advanced life support. The drone can transform into a fully functioning automated external defibrillator (AED). As research has shown, the first few minutes after someone suffers a heart-attack are critical. By calling the emergency services, the ambulance drone can be deployed immediately to the person in need.
Police Drone
Government Solutions
Drones can be helpful to a police department on many fronts, like: monitoring hostile situations, locating victims after a disaster with the help a thermal camera-equipped drone, helping with the reconstruction of a multiple-car traffic accident, monitoring a crowd or analyzing a crime scene. And, according to pilot studies, fire departments can benefit from using drones to fight fires by connecting to hoses from water trucks on the ground, reaching far higher than ladders.
Energy Industry
Drone developments in the energy industry are also ongoing. Drones are cleaning wind turbines, which can improve production by up to 20%. By mapping oil spills or even locating potential oil and gas sites, drones can be used to simplify processes and lower cost.
At Kambria, we are passionate about supporting the development of frontier technologies. Drones are one of the main verticals we will target in the future.

By creating an open innovation ecosystem that incentivizes R&D collaboration, collaborating and incentivizing in research and development (R&D), Kambria aims to eliminate waste and inefficiencies that haunt the advanced technology industries.
Kambria offers an open source architecture where developers, manufacturers, universities, governments, innovators, and token users come together and form a community that rewards its contributors in native KAT tokens. Kambria’s codebase (K-DNA) which is the center of the platform, has all the key ingredients to start developing and deploying advanced technologies.
Kambria can help drone businesses accelerate by working together, sharing helpful information and resources and incentivizing people that contribute to the community. Whether it is developing new modes for transportation, providing the opportunity to build upon already existing healthcare devices, or speeding up the process of creating life-saving solutions, all can be facilitated by the Kambria platform.
A big part of Kambria’s business plan is focused on working together with universities. Kambria has already established partnerships with renowned universities worldwide that work on creating innovative and ground-breaking developments in the robotics and AI industry. Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, and Nanyang Technological University are three of the top universities that collaborate with Kambria.
In the meantime, the team is not sitting idle. Currently, the Kambria team is working on creating a low-cost, high-performance robotic arm that will be able to manipulate objects in the real world. At the same time, they are developing autonomous navigation which will enable food delivery robots and hotel room service robots.
As you can see, the drone vertical has enjoyed a steady increase in development over the years. Commercial and enterprise developed drones can solve many real-world problems. What do you believe will be the next drone invention that will disrupt this frontier technology?
The Kambria Team
Telegram (ENG):
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Facebook Page:
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Weibo (CHN):
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
KAT is sold to be used on the Kambria platform.
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02-17 06:33 - 'Ripped off by Changelly' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/BassCoo removed from /r/Bitcoin within 318-328min

I sent 3 BCH to Changelly from my Coinomi wallet to exchange for ETH. Their system produced an error message and then nothing. No ETH and no sign of my 3 BCH. I emailed Changelly support and got an auto reply that they were busy and would reply in 36 hours. I never heard from them despite multiple emails and requests to cancel the transaction process and refund my BCH. As Coinomi is complicit in this, I emailed Coinomi and warned them that they were aiding and abetting fraud. After several days I got an email from Changelly to say my transaction had been completed. They had paid me .47 BTC to an address in my Coinomi wallet that I had not provided to them. Go figure! I asked for a refund and I got .47 BTC and because of the wallet address thing I believe I only got paid because of pressure from Coinomi. At the values quoted that day on coinmarketcap I calculate that they skimmed USD$1200 off me!!!! I have emailed them again and got no response. Please do not send your hard earned money to this outfit. They are frauds. As far as I can tell he operates from the Czech Republic. I have tried the Police in the Czech Republic and managed to get a file opened on this business but that complaint seems to have stalled for now. Although the long arm of the law does have a way of grinding on and on and on once it gets started. This business is engaged in blatent fraud!
Wikipedia page - Changelly.
Fraud allegations Changelly has recently faced accusations of stealing money from their customers, commonly claiming "errors" in their transactions and refusing to answer technical support inquiries. [7]
[link]2 It says in his bio that he speaks Russian and has a PHD.
There seems to be quite a lot going on his Twitter feed also.
He is currently at a trade show in Dallas. I will have to look him up one of these days.
Anybody with strong views who has been robbed.
I have 2 email addresses:
[email protected] (bit stroppy but still helpful) [email protected] (if you meet their criteria your email gets forwarded on and it is in the system and has a paper trail)
Not sure if they will listen but hey its a free email.
Ripped off by Changelly
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: BassCoo
1: *ww*trustp**ot.c*m/rev*ew/chan**l*y.c*m 2: 3:
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Ripped off by Changelly

The following post by BassCoo is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7y3gsd
The original post's content was as follows:
I sent 3 BCH to Changelly from my Coinomi wallet to exchange for ETH. Their system produced an error message and then nothing. No ETH and no sign of my 3 BCH. I emailed Changelly support and got an auto reply that they were busy and would reply in 36 hours. I never heard from them despite multiple emails and requests to cancel the transaction process and refund my BCH. As Coinomi is complicit in this, I emailed Coinomi and warned them that they were aiding and abetting fraud. After several days I got an email from Changelly to say my transaction had been completed. They had paid me .47 BTC to an address in my Coinomi wallet that I had not provided to them. Go figure! I asked for a refund and I got .47 BTC and because of the wallet address thing I believe I only got paid because of pressure from Coinomi. At the values quoted that day on coinmarketcap I calculate that they skimmed USD$1200 off me!!!! I have emailed them again and got no response. Please do not send your hard earned money to this outfit. They are frauds. As far as I can tell he operates from the Czech Republic. I have tried the Police in the Czech Republic and managed to get a file opened on this business but that complaint seems to have stalled for now. Although the long arm of the law does have a way of grinding on and on and on once it gets started. This business is engaged in blatent fraud!
Wikipedia page - Changelly.
Fraud allegations Changelly has recently faced accusations of stealing money from their customers, commonly claiming "errors" in their transactions and refusing to answer technical support inquiries. [7] It says in his bio that he speaks Russian and has a PHD.
There seems to be quite a lot going on his Twitter feed also.
He is currently at a trade show in Dallas. I will have to look him up one of these days.
Anybody with strong views who has been robbed.
I have 2 email addresses:
[email protected] (bit stroppy but still helpful) [email protected] (if you meet their criteria your email gets forwarded on and it is in the system and has a paper trail)
Not sure if they will listen but hey its a free email.
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Buy a Keyois Capsule, less than 50 available

*This thread is no longer updated, please see: for current information *
The Keyois Capsule is a tamper evident yet stylish way to keep a secret key. Only fifty (50) of these first edition capsules will be made. If you guys like them another fifty might get made.
Benefits over a conventional paper cold storage wallet include:
What's wrong with my current cold storage?
At current rate you can order one of these for 0.1947 btc You can get one delivered for $111USD when sales officially open in mid-October; or $100 US if you order before I have get someone with a real camera to take some pictures. I am sorry it costs so much but it wasn't cheap to make. PM me and we will work out the details!
I am not transmitting you any money, I am engraving your key for you and putting it in this cool thing. You have to supply me with you bitcoin address and BIP38 encrypted key, you also have to promise you understand what you are doing and that you made a good pass phrase. These are not for beginners, if you don't understand how and why to make a strong BIP38 encrypted pass phrase then these are not for you. If you desperately want me to make you an unencrypted capsule I suppose I can do it but I will berate you for the poor decision to trust me (I don't trust you, why should you trust me).
There are 4 total powder coated black end pieces, there is also the possibility to powder coat more pieces however there are some logistical difficulties in that so I would need at least ten people who want the same color or someone willing to pay a lot more for colored caps.
For added security, I recommend you add a dab of glitter nail polish over the drilled out screw heads and take a high resolution photograph; you can use that for a comparison in the future if you ever fear an elaborate scheme has taken place to drill out your capsule, break apart your rings, and replace it all without your knowledge.
See how it was made, sort of
Please re-read BIP38 and do some research on password strength
There are some variations/customizations that you can chose from which include: Most notably, the center piece. Lab-created corundum, this is the mineral rubies and sapphires are made out of. 21 red ruby stones remain
21 blue sapphire stones remain
Assorted Sunstones 1 2 3 4
Assorted Opals 1 2 still 2 [3](
Half opal and sunstone
A mix of tourmaline gems
Some crystal rods 2 skinny quartz rods 1 2 1 fatter quartz rod 1 1 extra skinny selenite rod 1
Glowing vials are not available for sale online; they come in a few colors including: white green - gone green - gone green light blue - gone blue pink orange yellow red - gone purple
These items themselves are not numbered, in fact I purposely made them nice and smooth without any words or websites printed on them.
To arrange creation of your own Keyois capsule please comment here or send me a personal message before you send funds. Please be prepared to sign a message with your key.
There can be no refunds - pay to [this address](13kqk3uk2b577KBSjZuwKQT3MGD9mEaVJC) only - $111 USD worth of BTC


There are 50 capsules that will be made for this first edition. To get the ball rolling I have made seven capsules available that are already ready-to-go that are available for sale without providing me with a encrypted key and address; I'll send you everything already generated and secured.
  1. Not for sale - Green vial
  2. Pre-ordered - Green vial / red O-ring
  3. Already ready - Ruby
  4. Already ready - Sapphire
  5. Already ready - Ruby
  6. Already ready - Sapphire
  7. Not for sale - Red vial
  8. Already ready - Ruby
  9. Already ready - Sapphire
  10. Already ready - Ruby
  11. Already ready - Sapphire / brown O-ring - Not for sale
  12. Reserved for testing purposes - TBD
  13. Reserved for testing purposes - TBD
They aren't as prefect and blemish proof as I wanted so I am sorry if there are tiny imperfections on the item, however they should still be a pretty and useful btc piggy bank.
Also I have been playing with (and kind of scratching) 13 or the available 50. Two of those are the black powder coated capsules (with some imperfections). These scratched capsules (the ones used in the pictures) I will sell for a slight (10%) discount.
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Nyancoins Megapost - Central Link Collection

Edit: Going to finally start an overhaul on this (April 23rd, 2016); it's been six months since the last edit. I'm going to go from current back, so there's going to be a gap between this top, new stuff and what's below until I finish the update.
I'm just going to have the last six months all shoved together into one large update here. There's weak categorization, but basically just think of it as a huge list. In general, the newer items will be higher within a given category than the older items. I apologize if I left anything out which people would like to see included. Some things I considered more of a temporary update than something relevant months later, but just PM me and I'll add anything requested!
We're currently in a quiet low point. Nothing catastrophic is happening, but we are relatively weak. I call it "the best nadir" because if this is as bad as it gets, we're doing alright. The price is down to 4 satoshi now, which is the lowest sustained price since the beginning of the revival. I'm going on a year behind my original goal for releasing NYAN2, still stuck on a new build computer (alternately time and energy to cripple together a build system out of what I have available).
One major new element: I've set a goal for us to have a mission to visit the site of Apollo 17 in twenty years. This is basically a new dimension. For the first ten years, I envision this as a purely "paper program", doing research on past space programs, in particular Mercury through Apollo, but any and all launch platforms and spacecraft which have been done. We may additionally seek to gain additional education (for instance, I would like aerospace engineering and material science undergraduate degrees at a minimum; we also are going to need experienced test pilots).
Space Program Initial Vision: [NYAN 2035] We must send a mission to visit the site of the Apollo 17 plaque on the Moon
Also, I've replaced the previous "Nekonauts of the Month" competition with a "Who Wants to be a Nillionaire?". The major difference is that rather than relying upon me to track everything, the expectation is that Nekonauts will sign up and self-report accomplishments.
Nyan Projects
[Hype] Browser based MMORPG accepting Nyancoins for member items: KojoSlayer's latest foray into nyan video game development! I've seen an early preview and it reminds me of a primitive Runescape (meant as a compliment)
Fun Posts
Insert NyanDisk 1 into Drive A:: NyanDOS!
Nyan like it's 1999 ....: telnet into nyan!
[breaking news] Nyancoins will be bought out by Garza in a last-ditch attempt to save Paycoin - April fool's post
Trumpchain on Twitter: "It can happen. Our blockchain has tremendous potential. We have tremendous people. #MakeTheBlockchainGreatAgain" - Terrific shitpost; really fantastic!
Join the Nekonauts today! - Cool nyan poster
"I really hope Satoshi is finally dumping and declaring that, like, Nyancoin is the true bearer of his vision." - CountOneInterrupt - My favorite idea ever
Nyancoin Zen - So cute. This may be my favorite nyan image ever for its understatement and beauty.
High Definition Nyan up close - Amusing
Making PC more Nyan-Friendly! - cute; amusing. Such nyan!
Typical Nyancoiner breakfast. - DobbsCoin is great with this stuff!
[meta] [misadventures of coinaday] [Pizza Boy Adventures] Late Night Pizza - Just a little choose-your-own-delivery I wrote during my stint as a pizza delivery boy.
I don't know how I wasn't aware of this site before - I still can't believe there's an entire site for this!
Want more NYAN? Faucet Mrai and trade to me for NYAN (and then hodl!): What is says on the tin. The faucet is down temporarily at time of this writing, but it'll be back up before I update this section likely. The price offered there is low (mailing list mentioning 200-300 satoshi currently; my offer is worth about 2 satoshi currently); I would consider higher, but probably wouldn't pay those apparent market rates (no actual exchange yet).
Force Multipliers
Content about the difference a determined person can make. Intended as inspiration.
[Force Multiplier] [Original Content] [pdf; 23 pages] Archimedes and the Siege of Syracuse - Previously unpublished paper I wrote for a history course in college.
[Force Multipliers] [Military History] Julius Caesar's Greatest Military Victory (Video; 10 minutes) - An explanation of achieving victory in an apparently unwinnable situation.
[Force Multipliers] [Naval History] Korea: Admiral Yi - I: Keep Beating the Drum - Extra History - Incredible loyalty and dedication from this greatest Admiral saved his country
Content which fits the themes of fun, self-improvement, and service to others.
Wikipedia essay: WikiLove - I think Wikipedia's policies are in a lot of ways something to look up to. It's true that they're stuck in bureaucracy now, and have driven away many experts, but they function and their policies have helped to give some structure to the anarchy.
[US history and macroeconomics] [59 minute video] Thom Hartmann, "The Crash of 2016" - Interesting video. I think the predicted outcome is something of a longshot, but it's interesting to me that he called Sanders as a major factor in the election years ago.
Taylor Mali, "Words and Their Consequences" (68 min video) - Poetry and philosophy
We Are One - Didn't get any attention at the time, but this is a general statement about the power of people working together.
A Message of Hope for the World - What's the point of Nyancoins? To inspire people.
A brief word on censorship - tl;dr: Censorship is bad, m'kay?
Who Owns Nyancoins? - Hodlers.
To The Moon is Not Enough: 100 Year Planning - About the importance of an unlimited time horizon. We build to last.
Catch-all category. Okay, this category got out of hand. I should do a second round later and break this out into a few different ones.
The best argument I've heard so far for keeping the 1MB cap in Bitcoin - I still think it would have been better for Bitcoin to grow, but this is the strongest argument for its stagnation in capacity that I've seen.
[conceptual design] How we should expect 100,000 transactions in a minute (or second?) to be handled - This is about the idea that we should expect to be able to handle large loads without crashing. Pretty basic. Related to an /cryptocurrency post I'd made: 100,000 Transactions Per Second: How Do We Get There?, which gives a very high-level overview of one way to reach high throughput capacity using blockchains.
Interesting cryptocurrency to try: raiblocks, protocol without transaction fees or block rewards - I think Raiblocks will be a valuable "companion coin" to Nyancoins ultimately. I don't know how exactly that'll work, but I believe that good cryptocurrency communities should make alliances. If nothing else, we can be valuable to each other as the "loyal opposition", critics who want to see success.
Coin-a-Year: Nyancoin : link to /CryptoCurrency post - Summary of the first year or so of NYAN revival
[far future concept] Nyanshares, Nythereumbits, and all-in on 37 rainbow - A double post: first part describes a possible spin-off, hybrid, 'companion coin' we could make in future years. The second part talks about what a gamble NYAN is.
NyanCoin compilation guide and downsizing / NyanChain [semi-meta] - Has a link to a guide for compiling nyancoind on servers.
[meta] [misadventures of coinaday] Stuck in the Dihydrogen Monoxide - Another in a series of coinaday posts proving "play stupid games; win stupid prizes"
[Data] Faucet Stats - KojoSlayer's faucet stats
Thing to do a thing that can't do that thing.... - Bit of code for pulling BTC/NYAN feed from Cryptopia.
Fresh builds, coming up! - initial report from vmp32k on attempting to modernize the codebase
DigiShield - suggestion for different difficulty algorithm
BIP101 implementation to be made available for altcoins - prohashing announcing that they will have a Scrypt BIP101 implementation; this is planned to be our base for NYAN3
Year 1: Acquisition and Triage ; Year 2: Acquisition and Build - Optimistic; in reality, year two of the revival has largely been me just trying to survive. Hopefully more acquisition and build as the year goes on.
[technical] [financial] Price Stability and Consistent Hashing - Basic theory. If we have consistent prices, we'll have more consistent hashing.
[technical] [forking] [NYAN3] Should running old defaults be considered a vote against a hard fork or should the veto need to be explicit? / General voting discussion - What it says on the tin. I haven't gotten feedback on this yet. It's far in the future, but I think it's a critical question. I'm not sure which way is correct.
2015 in review: overview - Initial summary of the previous year; written before the Coin-a-Year post which did similar
[meta] [finance] [misadventures of coinaday] Paying Debts - Since writing this, I've gone further into debt. I need to get my personal finances together this year, for my own sake, for the sake of those I owe, and for the sake of Nyancoins.
Countdown to the Second Halving - The current block is 1168851 as I write this; we've got less than 350,000 more blocks until the third halving!
I updated the major risks page for Nyancoins to include mention of the fork bug and 'time warp'. Please review and comment. - bolded for visibility; I consider the risks document and making sure that we inform potential buyers as much as possible to be a critical requirement for us
[technical] [security] Time warp, fork bug, disclosure policies, and practical results: a working system despite flaws - Discussion of the success of Nyancoins as a working system despite its technical vulnerabilities.
Zero Fees (*) - Discussion of the role of zero fee transactions and why I consider them important
[finance] [meta] [Misadventures of coinaday] overdrafts and consequences / Cryptopia 1sat Dump - Discussion of my stupidity and its consequences on Nyancoins' financial health
[technical] NIP 1: Base NYAN3 on XT - I consider this critical. We will make a statement about not following the path Bitcoin is currently going down. This is not urgent for us because our activity is so low, but it will be part of building a strong foundation for the future.
Hodling Update: 30% - I haven't done the math recently. I'm probably within 5% of this, but I don't know if I've gone up or down. I haven't given away a whole lot, but I have put no new money into Nyancoins for months from being so broke. I've still gained some millions more from when my 5 satoshi bids got hit though.
[finance] Up? Down? Horizontal? - Considering 30 - It's pretty sad how far we are from 30 satoshi now (4 satoshi at the moment). I believe we'll get it back ultimately, but the revival certainly hasn't had the financial success I'd hoped.
Dice soft launch - Not sure of the current state here. Check with KojoSlayer.
State of the NYAN October 2015: An interlude for gratitude and yearning for more - I should get back to doing these monthly eventually. Right now it's quiet enough that there doesn't seem to be a real need.
[financial] NYAN vs DOGE as a long-term store of value - What it says. I believe that the lower supply inflation and smaller supply of NYAN will ultimately lead to NYAN trading above DOGE (currently trading at less than 10:1).
[finance] [stats] [gaming] Breaking the Bank: Risk-of-Ruin, Dice Games, and Basic Logic - I'm pretty proud of this one. By having more money than god, and a screwed up default max bet rule, I was able to beat the house. 8-)
100M - Talking about the remaining supply and the implications.
I think I'm done with this update (at least getting the new content in; I have not changed the old text and content, which is everything below).
Since I can only have one thing stickied at a time, but there are a lot of different things going on, I've switched over to having one main link collection post. And this is it.
I'll update this periodically (I'll try to do a major update once a month) and might replace it at some point. It'll have general discussion of the context behind why these various threads are significant.
I'm doing August and September together for Nekonaut awards and updates here since I got a bit busy at work. NYAN2 is released as a first-draft, but I haven't built it yet (nor done final changes and fixes). I need a computer with more RAM than what I have available to me now. However, I'm quite satisfied with the performance of NYAN1.2, ancient though it may be, so I'm not treating it as an emergency.
The biggest news is that we are now listed on ! They are a great community and provide better ecosystem support than most exchanges: they include a pool and explorer along with the exchange. And their exchange has a lot of basepairs, with NYAN/BTC, NYAN/UNO, NYAN/DOGE, and NYAN/DOT being relatively active, NYAN/LTC being quiet, and the other two (popularcoin and feathercoin) being unfamiliar to me and generally unused.
Oh, also, when I've taken a look at it, the Nyanchain seems to be running smoothly. I haven't been watching too closely, but the status page is usually showing all green. I especially like seeing the high number of connections (generally close to 30). [Comment from July version; still accurate. I should get automated metrics on the Nyanchain someday, but in the meantime, it seems to be moving pretty smoothly anecdotally.]
Top stories from August and Septemberish
Nekonauts of the Months, August and September 2015 - Combined awards, three awards for 1M as a result, and such. Just check it out. :-)
New IRC channel and tipbot - This came about during the listing process; we are now at #nyan2
WE ARE LIVE! Cryptopia added us just now!! - Culmination of the process of getting listed on Cryptopia. After leading in user votes and DOT votes after the first couple days, the admins decided to add us. So as I count it, we won three votes. :-)
Looking good on Cryptopia so far - My early reaction to the exchange.
The past few days. - Repost of a classic, which is always a good idea in NYAN, given our rich archives.
Miners We Need YOU! - Brief discussion by KojoSlayer about the importance of miners to the Nyancoin ecosystem.
Nyancoind Dockerfile (for the tech-nyans) - Cool demo by vmp32k
Nyancat all up on your Vim command line. - Cool xpost from /vim.
[financial] I hit a positive balance on Cryptsy-NYAN again - I started buying on Cryptsy. I've since withdrawn from Cryptsy and am working on eliminating my balances there, but I've got a lot of altcoins to consolidate yet.
100M - A discussion of the remaining supply to be generated (now under 100 million more coins)
Top stories from July
Gitian Build Instructions - !!! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out. With this roadmap, we should be able to help others build *coins with gitian as well as provide a solid introduction to our own community members. This should be linked and submitted for feedback elsewhere; I should report back to the Litecoin thread with a link to this for discussion. I cannot overstate how important I find this contribution.
Nekonauts of the Month, July 2015 - Still going with this. I may not always get this perfect, but I hope that it will help add some motivation and recognition to the community who is building the next generation of Nyancoins.
Ɲyancoins for Nekonauts! [designs] - Some logos and concept art; a start by W7phone; we hope to see more of this type of thing!
[hypothetical] What would it take for us to be able to start our own Nyan exchanges? - tl;dr: Let's get setup on some decentralized exchanges!
Linux Nekonauts: Building nyancoind - I should get this in the sidebar somewhere. An excellent first post by gentlenyan !
Top stories from June
Nekonauts of the Month, June 2015 - Latest round of awards; I plan to keep doing this each month for as long as I can
[community] You are a leader of Nyancoins / Herding Cats: Leading Leaders; Leadership in a Decentralized Community - A discussion of the importance of you to the success of Nyancoins
vmp32k launches a beta of a faucet - When is this going live?
kojoslayer launches a faucet
Various post on mining being stuck - we are still a bit spotty, but it seems like it might be a bit better. We could use something more than just an instantaneous status page; if someone wants to make something which does statistical analysis of the performance of the nyanchain, that would be awesome.
Broke through the 40 satoshi ceiling, and Plagiarizing great speeches in history and claiming to have a community mandate: Coin-a-Day writes inspirational pap as we stand on the verge of breaking through the 50 satoshi ceiling and envisions the glorious future ahead - and rather more. The price dipped back down on Cryptsy since, but we had a nice rise for a while. I'm hoping that when we get an exchange we have confidence in, we'll see more buying again.
Warning: Cryptsy does not process large NYAN withdrawals - This is why I recommend not using Cryptsy; plus this
Top stories from May
First off: Ɲyancoins needs YOU! - This is a discussion of how all of us have something we can do for Nyancoins, and how improving your own life is absolutely one of those things.
Nekonauts of the Month, May 2015 - This is my first month running this competition. I'm looking to recognize people who are active and contributing to the community and to give them NYAN to help further whatever they'd like to do next.
The network is stable! - Thanks to a new miner, spydud22, we are showing all green on status!
Wow, very large chunk of NYAN at 40 satoshi (6 million) - The title is outdated; there's about double this volume now. [Edit: And now the title is accurate again.]
Initial notes and thoughts on the Nyancoins client update - I've identified the approximate version of Litecoin that Nyancoins is based on and looked at a diff. It looks reasonable and do-able. I haven't yet looked at the latest branch on which I'll apply these changes.
Nyancoins 2.0 - first draft of NYAN2
(intentional duplication from top stories for July; I consider it that important): Gitian Build Instructions - !!! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out. With this roadmap, we should be able to help others build *coins with gitian as well as provide a solid introduction to our own community members. This should be linked and submitted for feedback elsewhere; I should report back to the Litecoin thread with a link to this for discussion. I cannot overstate how important I find this contribution.- earlier working notes
Cross-platform Gitian builds - Discussion about getting Gitian builds to work for Mac without access to a Mac.
Initial notes and thoughts on the Nyancoins client update - Right now I haven't had time to do much more on this, but I need to work on doing the Litecoin gitian build yet.
Gitian Build - jwflame's initial notes on trying the gitian build
Distributed Library Coin; stealing^Wrepurposing the ideas of others - Introducing the concept; basically a virtual lending library for the community; Learned Optimism is offered.
[DLC] Siege of Earth - Second post, offering Siege of Earth, a classic sci fi tale
[Idea] Minecraft NyanCoins - KojoSlayer is making a cool Minecraft Nyancoins faucet sort of thing (get Nyancoins for playing Minecraft).
[Sneak Peak] Nyancoin Minecraft Server - This project is moving forward quite quickly! See also /NyanCoinsMC for more information.
[Beta] Launch Nyancoins Minecraft Server : NyanCoinsMC - BOOM! I'm amazed at how quickly this has gotten setup. Go check it out!
Background / theory
Overview of major risks of buying Nyancoins - I've tried to collect every risk I could think of in this one place. This is important reading before investing.
Nyan's core principles and why they matter
draft one of Cold Storage 101: How to secure your coins for long-term hodling - I need to incorporate the suggestions still, but between the article and the comments, this is decent.
I will work harder: in which Coinaday reports for duty - My statement that this is going to a new level for me: I'm considering this my dream job now, rather than just my hobby. I'm dedicating myself to serving this community as best I can.
[community] You are a leader of Nyancoins / Herding Cats: Leading Leaders; Leadership in a Decentralized Community - This is a discussion of the importance of each individual, in particular you, to this revival.
A really good read about fiduciary duties in running an exchange - discussion of the responsibility one takes on in managing money for others
[rant] In response to "there is only BTC [and maybe LTC [and maybe DOGE]] AND DEFINITELY NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" - Possibly amusing rant.
My most worthless and most valuable coins: Comparing DIME and 42 - A discussion about interpreting spot price in context
[theory] Bitcoin discussion of hard forks - Talking about the risks involved with a hard fork
Rooting for LTC's Rally to Hold: Nyancoins and the Cryptocurrency Market - Nyancoins do not stand alone. Although it's easy to see the rise of another cryptocurrency as weakening us, because we might trade lower against them temporarily, I believe that a stronger CryptoCurrency market as a whole will be important for our long-term health.
[financial] Cryptocurrency valuation models: Considering Nyancoins as a zero-coupon bond against the community
Classic Posts
Why Nyancoin will hit $1/NYAN (and much more). We're going to space, and you're invited! - This is an infamous post by americanpegasus. I believe it was actually someone mocking him in /bitcoin by linking to this which first made me aware that Nyancoins existed, and got the idea in my head that it was a deadcoin (from seeing a post/comments on the sub at the time which claimed that). So the dream of this post was actually so bold that it brought it back from the grave, because it was bold enough to be mocked, and that mockery eventually led me to investigate it, and that investigation led me to fall in love.
1Ɲ >= 1Đ - This is a vision I have, that we shall rise above DOGE. This is not a dig against DOGE but merely a statement about the growth I expect to see us have. There are about 500x as many Dogecoins as there are Nyancoins, so even if we remain significantly smaller we can easily pass their unit price. We've done so briefly previously but are currently below this mark.
We choose to go to the Moon - This is my manifesto about why I am doing this. Cribbed from JFK's moon speech, it is meant to express that it is because of, not in spite of, the challenges that we face that I am here. This started out as a personal challenge. While I certainly would like to get rich off of this, the reason I chose to pursue this is because if we do then, then we're awesome badasses that people can be impressed by.
The original Nyancoins intro video - wasn't really sure where to categorize this
Older stories
I'll move stories down here as they get older. For now it's the block stoppage stuff as that seems to have stabilized.
Holy shit, 22 hours since the last block. At this rate, I'm going to have to start solving hashes by hand... - This was my post about the block stoppage.
Difficulty has spiked again; if we hit another stall I'll try the transaction fee trick again - Another block stoppage, and a record of my attempt to use the same trick to break it loose again (transaction fee incentive).
I'm ready to give up on life; in which coinaday finally has his full-blown mental breakdown. So long, and thanks for all the rainbows! - My personal mental breakdown. Just listed here because it made an impact. Also, it was an amazing response from the community which meant a lot to me.
Fuck it; encore une fois - My reaction afterward, saying that I'll give things another shot.
Disregard the below: GFS has been down for a few months and probably won't be back. At one point, this project had been offered to me, and perhaps I should have taken it, but I felt like I was already heavily committed here and couldn't take that on as well. It's a shame that no one managed to keep it running though. I really liked the idea.
Disregard the below: it's back down again, last I checked. Not sure what to link on that. The new bot got mildly political again / referenced being a shadowbanned user, and bam. I'm not sure where this is going to go now, if anywhere. Although I suppose the on-blockchain stuff isn't affected, and I'd wager go1dfish will do something again.
/GetFairShare will be attempting another distribution today; go try it out! - GetFairShare is back! Go get free money!
I don't really understand what's going on, but apparently the bot used for /GetFairShare got banned - Some background on GFS having gone down
I think that this will continue to be useful as we gain a larger and larger volume of posts and help me not have to worry about burying something significant posted a couple weeks back or something.
Also, right now I'm just gleaning from the frontpage, but I'll add in some great classic posts too.
Let me know in the comments if there are other posts you'd like to see added here.
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Bitcoin Presentation - University of West Bohemia, Pilsen

I will give a humble presentation about Bitcoin at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. It is in the scope of Intelligent Software course, but doors are open also for general public (also short invitation aired in ČRo Plzeň (main state-run radio for Pilsen)).
First, fundamentals will be described in simple terms (currency; payment protocol). Then, Satoshi's story will be told (origins of the ideas; cypherpunk discussion groups; development of the first Bitcoin client) together with explanation of the workings of the original Bitcoin client (wallet + node + miner). Howto-s will be given for layman usage of Bitcoin (wallet installing; buying; sending; storing; Internet information sources), but also more technical details will be presented (source code; parsing blockchain; automating transactions). We are finishing with some visions and future outlooks (intelligent agents using Bitcoin; society - decentralization, privacy, freedom).
Looking forward to see you there! ;)
BTW - If you have any advices or sources I can use, please do not hesitate to reply/PM. Thanks!
Date & Time: Mon 2014-04-07 12:00
Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 h
Location: UL411 (UU407?) - 4th floor - KIV, FAV, ZČU; Univerzitní 22, Plzeň. See here
Attendance estimated: 30 - 60
Language: Czech
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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague: March 22 2019 Inside The Cryptocurrency Revolution - YouTube BITCOIN Manipulation oder Euphorie? Eine GUTE und eine SCHLECHTE Nachricht! Krypto News Deutsch Personal Protection: CZ 97BD - YouTube The smart Trick of Binary option - Wikipedia That Nobody ...

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: transaction management and money issuance are carried out collectively by the network. The original Bitcoin software by Satoshi Nakamoto was released under the MIT license. . Most client software, derived or "from ... Bitcoin Era is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit, and by using this Website you are expected to review these Terms on a regular basis. Assignment. The Bitcoin Era is allowed to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification. Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH. The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. Bitcoin a kryptoměny - rady, tipy, návody pro začátečníky. Novinky ze světa digitálních měn z domova i ze zahraničí. Kurz bitcoinu, litecoin, bitcoin mining.

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague: March 22 2019

SMĚNÁRNA: Bitcoin je fenomén a ekonomicky-technologická revoluce. Pokud přemýšlíte o koupi, doporučuju směnárnu Coinbase. Je ... 🔽The Czech Republic will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference ️Prague for the fifth time – the event about blockchain and cryptocurrencies organized by Smile-Expo. The conference will ... Yes, you can speedrun wikipedia, and its incredibly addictive. PointCrow vs. Smallant1, who will win?? check out smallant1: // ... Paul and crew tests the CZ 97 BD for personal protection. Paul's Patreon: This video was edited and uploaded by: Brad ... Song Sweat (A La La La La Long) Artist Inner Circle; Album Blazzin' Fire; Writers Ian Lewis; Licensed to YouTube by INgrooves (on behalf of DubShot Records/Sound Bwoy Entertainment); UMPI, SOLAR ...